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 How to Buy a Gun Online from Us

Federal firearms laws prevents us from shipping guns directly to individuals without a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL), therefore we must ship all firearms to a FFL Dealer. Please follow all State and Local Laws before placing your order. Completing the 6 simple steps below will ensure a quick and easy process of your online gun purchase.

Place your order: Just add the firearm/s to your shopping cart and complete your purchase online using your information. Please do not enter your FFL dealers billing or shipping information on the checkout page. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail with your order number.
Pick your FFL Dealer: Find a FFL dealer near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction. You may pick your FFL Dealer from the dealers we have on file at the link below.
FFL Dealer Locator 
Contact your FFL Dealer: Contact the FFL dealer and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Shooters Plus. This transaction and associated transfer fees are between you and your local FFL dealer. Please Note:
      *We do not contact your local dealer to arrange the transfer.
      *Most dealers will charge you a small fee for a firearm transfer. 
If your dealer was on file with us from Step 2 you may skip the remaining steps and we will do the rest after you place your order.     
Send us a copy of FFL: If your local dealer is not on file with us then just have them mail, email or fax a signed copy of their FFL to the address below. To avoid confusion, take a copy of your order to the dealer and have them send it along with their FFL or simply have them write your name and order number on a sheet of paper and send it with their FFL. That way we know which order goes with which FFL.
We ship your gun: Once we have received a copy of your dealer's signed FFL we will ship the firearm to the address on their FFL dealers license. We will also email you a tracking number so you know when the firearm will arrive at your local dealer.
Pick up your gun: Once your FFL dealer receives your firearm, they will perform your background check. You will then need to complete all the necessary paperwork and pick up your gun. Please inspect the firearm before you complete any paperwork at your local dealer. Please note that once you complete the paperwork at your dealer the firearm is then considered used and we will unfortunately be unable to accept any returns on used guns, so please inspect it before doing any paperwork.

Mailing Address:

Shooters Plus
PO Box 89
Sumrall, MS 39482

Fax: 601.758.3263
  * Please note the email address above is not clickable. You will need to type it into your email message.

  * If you are an FFL holder and would like to have your FFL on file with us for future transfers you may send it to the info above.




Shooters Plus State and Local Firearm Shipping Policies:

When shipping to California we will obtain and enclose with firearm a California Shipment Approval Number. Please note that your FFL dealer receiving the firearm from us will need to be on the California Centralized List of FFL dealers and provide us their 5 Digit Centralized List Number and signed FFL copy. Firearm magazine capacity will need to be 10 rounds or less.  If ordering a handgun, it will need to be on the California Roster of Approved Handguns which can be viewed at: certguns.doj.ca.gov/ . Please note that many of our firearms listed on the website are not 10 rounds or less. Please contact us and we will see if the firearm you need is available to us and will get you a price as we can typically special order guns and receive them within 2 - 3 business days. All shipment of rifles to California will need to be marked from manufacturer "California Approved" or "California Compliant".

Chicago, IL: No shipment of any firearms.

Colorado: No shipment of any firearm over 15rd.

Connecticut: No shipment of semi-automatic rifles. No shipment of handguns over 10 rounds.

Hawaii: No shipment of any handgun with a magazine capacity over 10 rounds.

Maryland: Handguns must be on the State approved Roster List. List may be viewed at http://www.mdsp.org/Organization/SupportServicesBureau/LicensingDivision/HandgunRoster.aspx. No shipment of any firearm with a magazine capacity over 10 rounds.

Massachusetts: Handguns must be on the State approved List. No shipment of any rifle with a magazine capacity over 10 rounds.

New Jersey: No shipment of any firearm with a magazine capacity over 15 rounds.

New York: No shipment of any firearm with a magazine capacity over 7 rounds. No shipment of any firearm to New York City or any of the following counties: Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond.

Washigton DC: No shipment of any firearm.

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Shooters Plus
Sumrall, MS 39482


How to Order a Gun Online 
How to Order Gun Online

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